Apply to EVS Study Visit for SouthMed NGOs in Italy & Austria - Promoting the Partnership

Study Visit
11-16 April 2016 | Austria and, Italy

Deadline for application 5th Feb

Promoting Italian/Austrian and South Med EVS Partnership : the study visit will allow new possibilities for the South Med NGOs to visit receving and sending NGO in Italy and Austria.
The aim of this study visit is to provide a new opportunity to create strong EVS partnership among NGOs in Italy and Austria with NGO of South Med countries. The study visit will allow NGOs of South Med countries to visit some examples of receving EVS projects in Italy and Austria in order to get in touch with different youth work realities and EVS projects.

The organiser would like to explore during the study visit the WHAT, HOW and WHY EVS for NGOs and WHY specifically in the framework of South Mediterranean cooperation.
The study visit will allow not only to visit and discuss, but the EXPERIMENT activities by the hosting NGOs in a way to really share daily youth work and get in touch with the final beneficiaries of the activities.

We would like to discuss the differences that NGOs will face in creating projects and how to develop intercultural tools for better react and work together.

The final aim of the Study Visit is also to provide a real opportunity to mutual know the social and cultural framework in which the volunteers will be involved in receiving projects or selected for sending one.

The study visit will be open to all the accredited South Med NGOs that would like to develop new partnership with Italian and Austrian NGOs. Italian and Austrian NAs, in cooperation with Salto-Youth EuroMed, will organise the field visits in Italy and in Austria selecting some good practises projects to visit.

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