Yante - Youth, Arts, and Levante (finished)

Contracted Organization: Yante - Youth, Arts, and Levante Partner: Office Maldoom/ Germany Title of the action: I CAN MOVE, Module 1. (...)

Women Studies Center

Contracted Organization: Women Studies Center Partner: Kvinna till Kvinna, Sweden Title of the action: Suppoting Young Palestinian Women (...)

Popular Struggle Coordination Committee (finished)

Contracted Organization: Popular Struggle Coordination Committee Partner: Servizio Civile Internationale, Italian NGO. Title of the action: (...)

Kamanjati (finished)

Contracted Organization: Kamanjati Partner: Dynamo International, Belgium Title of the action: Youth in Action ( Action 2 EuroMed (...)

Yafa Cultural Center " My Place" (Finished)

Contracted Organization: Yafa Culture Center Partner: AMISnet, Italian, Rome, No-Profit Organization Title of the action: MY Place: (...)


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Euro-Med Youth Programme


الأراضي الفلسطينية المحتلة

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Site under construction

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