Kamanjati (finished)


Contracted Organization:

- Kamanjati


- Dynamo International, Belgium

Title of the action:

- Youth in Action ( Action 2 EuroMed Voluntary Service)

Specific objective:

- Civic and social competences - cultural and expressional conscience - communication in a foreign language - digital knowledges - initiative and entrepreneurship sense.

Location of the action:

- Ramallah - Palestinian Authority

Duration of the action:

- 12 Months from 15\12\2011 to 15\12\2012

Preparation activity:

- No preparation, since the Volunteer was her in Palestine 2 times.

EuroMed Voluntary Service Activity:

The partnership was established two years ago. The goal was to define a project that could bring something to the Palestinian organization, partner in Belgium and voluntary.

- The Volunteer Arrived on 8/3/2012.

- The Volunteer Role and Voluntary Service in the Hosting Organization:

• Organize a French tour for the Palestine National Ensemble of Arabic Music in September
•Fundraising for local activities
•Communication and promotion of local events.

A volunteer from Belgium is now in Palestinian authority to promote collaboration and team work among two organizations and give a different content to the work both organizations develop.

The volunteer is acquiring new experiences, new skills and gain independence. Sharing with foreign volunteers (music teachers are also foreign workers) the same flat and work place, is an useful tool of learning. .

Palestinian team and young people could also beneficiate from the experience and cultural learning. The objectives of the action are civic and social competences as well as cultural conscience and expression. Living in a foreign country, having a really different culture is a great way to learn more about his own culture but also to relate his culture to these of the other. In this way, music should help, by sharing a common interest, to develop relationships and facilitate the understanding.

The program has also as an objective to learn a new language. Arabic will be taught through classes every week, as well as spoken as much as possible with the local workers. English will be improved through contacts with partners of the application. Digital competences are also expected to be improved, through blogging and social networks as a way of sharing information about the project. Finally, entrepreneurship and imitative sense should be improved by the way the volunteer is supposed to work: with supervision of executive director of Al Kamandjâti but with sufficient autonomy given in order to let the volunteer improve his ability to take decisions and be responsible.

The applicant also will beneficiate from the action, as a way to promote the work of volunteers of the organization. It also will beneficiate of the communication made around the action. The volunteer wants to communicate publically a least once a week on the organization, the Euro-Med Youth Program and the region. A Internet blog will be the way to communicate, as well as social networks and articles in the regional press of the volunteer’s country, Belgium.

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