Popular Struggle Coordination Committee (finished)

Contracted Organization:

- Popular Struggle Coordination Committee


- Servizio Civile Internationale, Italian NGO.

Title of the action:

- MULTIPLYING SOLIDARITY ( Action 2 EuroMed Voluntary Service)

Specific objective:

- To strengthen Italian and Palestinian youth participation toward the development of civil society and democracy.

- To stimulate mutual understanding between Italian and Palestinian Youth thanks to voluntary service.

- To promote active citizenship among young people and enhance their sense of solidarity with Youth living on other Mediterranean areas.

Location of the action:

- Palestinian Occupied Territories, West Bank

Duration of the action:

- 12 Months from 6\3\2011 to 6\3\2012

Preparation activity:

The sending organisation, Sci Italy, provided to the volunteers a proper preparation for the project and for their staying abroad for 6 months offering general information on the youth voluntary project (management of the project and availability of support structures, clarification of the concept of volunteering and non-formal learning and information on the rights and responsibilities of the volunteers and other actors as well as practical information on issues such as money and working hours) but also some specific information about the history and the cultural dimension of the project articulating the training in 10 modules.

1-Facilitating intercultural understanding, learning and communication.

2-Facilitating cultural adaptation.

3-Crisis management and conflict resolution.

4-Response to the expectations and possible insecurities of the volunteers.

5-Motivating and encouraging the volunteers.

6-Providing individual support.

7- History, Geography and Culture and the Palestinian Territories.

8- Palestinian conflict in the framework of the Middle East Areas.

9- Society and Culture, how to deal and how to mediate with it.

10-Local Perception of Europeans, prejudices and stereotypes.

EuroMed Voluntary Service Activity:

The project is in line with the strategy of cooperation in the Middle East area of the PSCC and Servizio Civile Internazionale.

- The First Volunteer Arrived on 7/4/2012, the Other Volunteer was denied to enter Palestine by Israel. So he was Replaced with Anther Volunteer who arrived on the 25\5\2012.

- The Volunteer Role and Voluntary Service in the Hosting Organization:

Four Volunteers will be selected 2 male and 2 female, 2 of them will have marked interest in Human right educational tools and 2 of them will have some competence in new media technologies. Each couple of 2 volunteers will have a 6- month period of volunteering, and the couples will have one month of overlapping so that there could be a good flow of communication and a continuity in the action. During that month, SCI Italy will carry on a mid term visit, to measure the project development. The gender balance, and the presence of female Italian volunteers will facilitate the active participation of young Palestinian women.

Two of The Volunteers are now in Palestine:

Fedrica Greca, and she describes her role in the hosting organization:

"According to the aim of the project, I am involved in the redaction of media reports and online news reports on Ma’sara, on the activities of the Pscc, as well as in the documentation of human rights’ violations. The goal of the media work is to create a Media Advocacy Centre with the participation of young Palestinians.

In this sense, the cultural centre of al-Ma’sara is playing an important role in the implementation of activities that strengthen the exchange between us, as Evs volunteers, and the Palestinian youth. Other targeted groups of the centre’s activities are also women and children, for whom special recreational moments are frequently planned in collaboration with the local volunteers.

Thanks to the network provided by the Pscc I also have the chance to be in contact with individual young Palestinians already active and skilled in the use of media related to the Palestinian issue. This gives me the opportunity to know more about the way the Palestinian youth is already committed and involved in the spread of news related to their country"

The Second Volunteer Deigo Valenti and he describes his role in the hosting organization:

"My role with the PSCC of Al’Masara is focused in the realization of video documentary training course for the youth of the village, in order to develop their communicational skills and empower them to tell their stories to the world.

The goal of the course is to provide them with the technological tools they need to realize documentary film, as well as to encourage youth participation in the development of the Palestinian civil society by strengthening their relations with on-line media. The video training course is inserted in a context of technological integration applied to humans rights monitoring"

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