Women Studies Center

Contracted Organization:

- Women Studies Center


- Kvinna till Kvinna, Sweden

Title of the action:

- Suppoting Young Palestinian Women to be Emerging Leaders

( Action 3 Training and Networking)

Objectives of the Action:

Overall goal:

- To strengthen the contribution of young palestinian women to revitalize the Palestinian women’s movement.

The Specific objectives:

(1) Consolidate a young women’s initiative by generating solidarity and engagment through mentorship and capacity building.

(2) to encourage young women to take action on gender equality and women’s participation based on their needs and priorities

Location of the action:

- Occupied Palestinian Territory (Gaza Strip and West Bank including East Jerusalem) & Israel

Duration of the action:

- 6 Months from 17\5\2012to 17\11\2012

Preparation activity:

The preparatory meetings (one introductory and one planning) will be held for a group of seven women who met at a Kvinna till Kvinna organized workshop in March 2011 and have since kept in touch through electronic media. To support implementation of this action, they will act as a steering committee that helps to plan the activities, ensuring that the topics addressed reflect their needs and priorities. The preparatory meetings will serve as the forum for consolidating the group and will include several components including participatory planning, assessing needs and priorities of the young women, developing an outreach strategy to include more women in the action, and group building exercises. The aim with these meetings will be to develop a space where women themselves feel in charge of the project and set its priorities. The meetings will provide an opportunity to brainstorm and plan for the subsequent events: the study visit, and training course.

The Action Activities:

his action will implement leadership training and capacity building activities for young Palestinian women. Working with a participatory approach ensures that the needs and priorities of young women will guide the work. A mentorship component will support the women throughout implementation of the action. The main activities are: preparatory meetings, a study visit, a training course, public event and follow up.

Organization Website: http://www.wsc-pal.org

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