Yafa Cultural Center " My Place" (Finished)

Contracted Organization:

- Yafa Culture Center


- AMISnet, Italian, Rome, No-Profit Organization

Title of the action:

- MY Place: strengthen Media and Youth situation in civil society voices.

Action 3 Training and Networking

Specific objective:

- To provided young Palestinians from the YCC media unit and European youth, a professional training in order to develop a memory process on the Nablus area cultural heritage.

Location of the action:

- PALESTINE, Nablus, Balata Camp

Duration of the action:

- 4 Months from 18\12\2011 to 18\4\2012

Preparation activity:

- 8 days from 28\1\2012 to 5\2\2012

Training Course Activity:

- from 6\2\2012 to 15\2\2012.

Executive Summary of the Action:

The action was a training course on Media production (Photos and Videos) and editing. Three Trainers and a Coordinator from Amisnet the Italian partner trained 20 Participant and 7 Observers at Yafa Culture Center in Balata Camp, Nablus. From the 27 participants and observers’ there was 19 Palestinians and 8 Europeans participants.

The action started with preparation activities between YCC (Yafa Culture Center) and Amisnet that started form 30th of January, 2012 to the 5th of February, 2012. The preparation activity purpose was to discuss and prepare all the training material, research activities in the old city of Nablus and meeting with cultural and research institutions which work on the preservation of heritage information of the old city of Nablus (Municipality of Nablus, Al Najah University, Nablus governorate, Social Service of the Old city of Nablus and ministry of Tourism and Antiquities).

The training Course had been started on Monday 6th February, 2012 with a general presentation of the Euromed and Youth in Action program .

Then The participants were divided into three groups:
- Photos group

- Video Group

- Researchers group.

Each group had one or two coordinator or trainer, working on the selected heritage places to produce a final documentary product. At the same time the participants are involved in a practical training on media production by the trainers.

Results of the Action and Material Issued:

At the end of the training course three kind of final products where issued by the three groups of work. The photography group has selected twenty-four pictures among all the picture shot during the fieldwork documentation. Each of the eight participants selected three pictures and added to them a note in a form of text, poetry or report describing her/his experience and linking this to the picture selected. The pictures have been printed and an exhibition has been organized in the Yafa Cultural Center in the 26\3\2012.

This exhibition will be showed in Rome when a delegation from the YCC will be hosted from the partner organization for a dissemination activity. The exhibition has been created also with the aim of bring this pictures around Europe as a result of a intense activity of the photography group and the meeting of young photographers from Palestine with a young professional.

The Video Group from it side has issued a short documentary movie with interviews to local people. Also this product will constitute an important tool to disseminate the work done, the meaning of documenting the old city of Nablus and to show in Rome first, but also in other Europe cities when will be possible the importance of enhancing the cultural past of Palestine and the importance of inclusion of young generation in this process of documentation.

A third product was the result of the researcher group and this is a 24 pages booklet with pictures text and Photogrammetric surveys of five historical sites chosen by the group among the old buildings of Nablus. The booklet which has been printed in seven hundreds copies will be distribute in the tourism offices of Palestine to serve to local tourism and part of the copies will be distribute in Italy and other cities of Europe. All this material will traveling with the exhibition in the future travels.

MY Place Booklet:


PDF - 4.9 Mb

The Project Website:

- http://myplacenablus.wordpress.com/2011/12/21/my-place-starting-point/


  • 4.9 Mb
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