Yante - Youth, Arts, and Levante (finished)

Contracted Organization:

- Yante - Youth, Arts, and Levante


- Office Maldoom/ Germany

Title of the action:

- I CAN MOVE, Module 1.

Action 3 Training and Networking

Specific objective:

- changing perceptions of the "body", raising body awareness to fight against racism, prejudice stereotypes and promote cultural openness. Which goes hand in hand in improving the situation of Women in the society.

Location of the action:


Duration of the action:

- 4 Months from 18\6\2012 to 18\9\2012

Preparation activity:

- 7 days from 9\7\2012 to 11\7\2012, then from 16/7/2012 to 19/7/2012

Training Course Activity:

- from 12\7\2012 to 14\7\2012, then from 20/7/2012 to 24/7/2012

Executive Summary of the Action:
The training course was a community dance training for trainers for a group of local people ( Palestinian Dancers, Artists, Teachers, University Students), in order to give thim the ability and the skills to train children specifically and to carry this knowledge to the society in general.

Each day of the action started with a dance class for the participants. they had an opportunity to experience dance and being challenged themselves. The content of these classes was directly linked to work that will follow. Each day the trainers focused on an aspect of course content. At the end of each day there was time to evaluate the day’s work and prepare for the following day.
The course looked at the following points:

Why Dance / Why with children ?
Through practical experience and theoretical discussions the participants reflected on “why do they dance” and “why do they think dance might be good for children”. The rational for dance work with children was concluded through looking at the following aims and possible outcomes of that work:

• Develop individuals’ creativity as a means of enhancing personal and social growth

• Positive impact on general learning

• Develop social/communication skills and create a safe working environment to understand and express emotions

• Develop interpersonal skills and group dynamics

• Aid development of positive self image

• Positively impact young people’s view of themselves in relation to the wider community

• Encourage acceptance of diversity

• Positively impact children’s physical health

Responsibilities of the teacher
What does the dance teacher need to do before the class starts to insure safety and what are the responsibilities of the teacher during the class?
This includes preparation, class management and issues of child protection. The following was worked out:

• Safety issues - what a teacher needs be aware of (room, dress, material, etc)

• Class management - creating a safe working environment for the children and establishing discipline. Appropriate touch, use of voice, energy, being flexible

• Planning - length of time, age and gender appropriate material

• Expanding and challenging, aiming high

Planning and class content
Suggested class structure for a creative class
• Length of time

• Suggested structure for use in a children’s class

- Aims and main elements of each section For a creative class:

• Action words

• Movement phrases

• Example warm ups and games

• Lead in material – use of stimuli

• Tasks

• Improvisation

Suggested class structure for a dance technique class

• Length of time

• Suggested structure for use in a children’s class

- Aims and main elements of each section For a creative class:

• Action words

• Movement phrases

• Example warm ups and games

• Lead in material – use of stimuli

• Tasks

• Improvisation

Planning wheel

What / How / Where / With Whom

Creating a tool box

Example classes

Suggested Books and music

The workshop was furthermore dedicated to a thematical meta-level around the concept of participation, which was elaborated through different methods together with the young adults. In the forefront of the workshop a concept was prepared which formed the background of this exercise.

Expected Results of the Action :

Community Dance creates possibilities of employability, and even better employability within the field of culture, where artists are able to live off their art instead of restricting it to a hobby in their free time. This of course raises the quality and productivity of artistic work within the society as a whole. This increase raises the level of education within the society since it is inclusive and working with the community and society, hence the communities are consolidated and fundamentalism is dismantled.
Community dance raises the level of demand to meet the supply of cultural activities as a whole within the society, this in its turn improves the economic status of cultural institutions allowing them not only to make their activities more accessible by reducing the price of the tickets, but also to stop fighting among each other, for the inclusiveness of community dance generally dictates on them a need for cooperating among each other to sustain a high level of productivity to meet the demand of the people.

The Project Website:

- http://www.yante-icanmove.org/

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